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Please use the "Contact Form" to leave comment for the visitor book. Hope you enjoyed looking at my photographs. The site is continually being updated with new images. Hope you'll return to view again.

Findlay Rankin


Prof Daniel Gorman mentions your work to me. It is always nice to get to know another person who enjoys photograhy.

Best Wishes
John K Tan


Just had a look at your website. I think it looks really good. The dark backgrounds really set off the photos. Good luck!
Regards, Lesley
Lesley Deschner


Absolutely fantastic pictures. My favourites have to be the landscapes and beach scenes plus the quirky ones where the background represents the opposite of the picture - check out the street vendor in Antigua.
Moira Forbes


Really like the pics of New York. Antigua looks great. Mauritius terrific. Makes me want to go there.
Keep updating. Regards, Harry Wilson


Excellent images. Look forward to any updates.
Bernie Simpson

Salute on George Square

Hi Findlay, the photograph beautifully captured on George Square was of my uncle Ian Stewart.
Thank you, Lynn
Lynn R Stewart


Brilliant photos, Mr Rankin. Keep them coming.
Bobby Ranger


Steven Logan's shown me some of your work before .. Really great stuff!!!
Stevie Manson